Our classes

What will my puppy learn in classes?

Our classes will teach you how to encourage your puppy to develop self control.

We will show you how to train your dog to walk with you on a loose lead.


Your puppy will enjoy coming back to you when you call them. 


They will also have the advantage of good socialisation with dogs of a similar age to build confidence.

Adolescent and adult dogs

Training your dog to understand your instructions will help build mutual trust and respect.



Classes create the safe environment which is needed for your dog to learn effectively.


Whether you want to teach new skills or build on existing ones, we can help you and your dog be a great team.

The venue and facilities

We are fantastically lucky to be able to use the purpose made dog training facilities at Writtle University College.

In winter months we have the use of this large training room and if the weather is nice there are fully enclosed paddocks too.

Classes are capped at 8 participants which means everyone gets time to practise and ask questions.

Good Companion Awards

As a member of the APDT UK, Sharon is able to offer class attendees the chance to participate in the 

Good Companion Awards scheme. 

This is optional but dogs and their owners can work through the scheme which currently has 3 stages. 

Classes will focus on training for the various aspects of the scheme such as:

Stage 1

Puppies and beginner adults


Co-operative care

Positions (Sit, Down, Stand & HandTouch)

Leave it

Loose lead walking



Polite play

Stage 2



Full examination of the dog

Polite greetings

Loose lead walking

Positions – cue discrimination




Door safety

Stage 3



Handling & husandry

Loose lead walking

Recall – distraction




Send away

Find it



Whether you’d like to know more about what goes on in training classes or ask if they’ll be suitable for your dog, get in touch.